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More information on Borrowing

Paying out the Loan
Loans are paid out by faster payments into the Guarantor's bank account. The guarantor then passes the money onto the borrower. This is a measure that helps us prevent identity fraud. There is no charge for making this payment.

Type of Loan
The Quick Cash Club is not a payday loan, we don't reclaim the total balance plus interest on your payday. It is also not a fixed term loan, we don't automatically collect equal payments of the same amount to close a loan off in a certain number of months.

How Repayments Work
You select your repayment date and every month, on that date, we'll automatically debit the interest plus 1% of the balance from your debitcard. It is your responsibility to repay the balance when you can. Interest is calculated daily so the quicker you repay the money borrowed, the less it will cost you.

Difficulty repaying a loan
If we are unable to collect a monthly payment we will phone, email and text a reminder. The last thing we want is for late payments to get out of control, and because we are a guarantor lender if a borrower doesn't make a payment then the guarantor has to. If we are unable to come to an arrangement for repaying a loan then we will either pass the debt onto a professional debt collector or make an application to a court to decide on the best course of action for us to follow.

Credit reference agencies
We report all account activity to credit reference agencies. This means that if a loan is not repaid on time it may adversely affect both the borrower and the guarantor's credit rating and make getting further credit more difficult.